Hotel management is one of the segments of the hospitality industry. As the urge to travel has increased, this sector has dramatically grown. Various hotel management colleges have come up worldwide with the development of the hospitality industry. And these colleges offer degrees in multiple fields of the hospitality industry. 

Hotel management degree holders can work in different industrial segments as they are well-informed about distinct hospitality industry characteristics. Hotel management degree holders can get jobs as accommodation managers, catering managers, event managers, hotel managers, restaurant managers, and many more. 

Hospitality management professionals can attract 58,000 CAD annually in Canada with the increased demand for hospitality professionals. From advanced diplomas to master’s degrees, you can choose several short and long programs to advance your career prospects. With the right hotel management course, you can earn an average of 55,000-60,000 CAD per year.

Since Hotel Management and Catering Technology open up many career opportunities, a hotel management degree holder can work in the following job profiles:

Kick-start own business: 

You can start your business after completing a hotel management degree. You can establish your restaurants, cruise lines, diner chains, hotels, and more. But yes, Before opening a business, you must have proper knowledge of running a business, for which you should have a formal degree in the respected field.

Front office manager: 

The front office manager gets jobs in the top senior positions in an office environment and is responsible for handling all calls and customer queries, ensuring that the customer is comfortable with the provided accommodation and their requirements have been taken care of, along with accounts and supervising the professional workspace. Those aspiring to become front office managers should have excellent communication, managerial, and good leadership qualities.

Restaurant and Food Service Managers: 

Restaurant and food service managers are the people that stand with Hotel Managers. These managers supervise sectors or organizations that serve food and beverages. These can be restaurant managers, franchises, and eating joints. Again, to be a restaurant and food service manager, one needs to have managerial skills, excellent communication, and a willingness to lead.

Hotel Manager: 

A hotel manager is responsible for overseeing and directing all the activities in the hotel. The hotel manager job is one of the world’s most paying and top-profile jobs. To be a successful hotel manager, one must have excellent managerial skills. Not only organizational skills but must have excellent communication skills as well. Besides supervising overall operations, hotel managers play the middleman between workers and top management. 

Banquet Managers: 

Banquet halls are booked for almost every event. No matter if it is a small or big gathering. From a birthday party to a bachelor party to a marriage to a marriage anniversary. A banquet manager is a person who takes care of food, services, decorations, bar, and guests. A banquet manager is a very responsible person who ensures that everything is according to customer demand and expectations. It is one of the most paying jobs which need the following qualities in a person: quick problem solver, management skills, organizational skills, excellent communication skills, attentiveness, and man management skills.

Housekeeping supervisor: 

Housekeeping staffs are the people who make your stay better at any resort or hotel. They have the responsibility of maintaining tidiness and cleanliness. The housekeeping supervisor keeps check and balance on the whole housekeeping staff and their work. Housekeeping staff can get jobs in resorts, hospitals, hotels, and office buildings.


A steward is responsible for assisting in the functions of restaurants, hotel lounges, airport lounges, and bars. They perform the essential task of servicing the customer for dine-in. The qualities required to be a steward are well-mannered, excellent communication, politeness, patience, and willingness to work extra hours.

Reasons to choose Hotel Management as a career:

High salary package: 

Hotel management jobs are the highest-paid jobs in the world. They give you opportunities for better growth ahead. The most paid job in hotel management is the general manager job. The second highest-paid job in hotel management is the executive chef job. The salary packages also increase as the years of experience keep growing.

Global Outreach: 

Having a degree in hotel management opens the door for you to settle your business or work in any corner of the world. The hospitality industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries globally. Those who work in travel & tourism, event management, catering service, or the aviation industry get an opportunity to travel worldwide, even to their dream destinations, at the company’s expense. 

Dynamic Career: 

Once a person starts working in hotel management or the hospitality industry, they would know what all options and opportunities are available within the sector. Suppose a candidate has joined the hotel as a room service manager. One can also get promoted to the post of housekeeping manager. This way, the candidates’ working and functioning keep getting refreshed. This dynamism is intrinsic to the hotel management industry and is rare to any other. By pushing the limits of the employees, the sector aids the overall development process.

Creative, Exciting, and Unique Openings:

There are different job profiles and descriptions in the hospitality industry. Hotel management is one rare sector that provides a platform to showcase innovative and out-of-the-box ideas. As some job profiles constantly demand innovation, you will never feel stuck in a monotonous circle. Some of the most exciting and creative job profiles under hotel management include:

  1. Chef
  2. Barista
  3. Event planner

Flexible work hours:

Hotel management is not your cup of tea if you are a Nine-to-five-hours-a-day person. Being in an industry where you don’t have fixed time in a day is daunting. But the best part about not having a specified time every day is that there are different shifts. So, being in the hotel industry brings an opportunity of working flexible hours.

In conclusion, hotel management presents a dynamic and lucrative career path within the thriving hospitality industry. With diverse roles such as front office management, restaurant and food service management, hotel management, banquet management, housekeeping supervision, and stewardship, individuals can find niches that align with their interests. The sector offers competitive salary packages and global opportunities, allowing professionals to work in diverse locations and even travel to dream destinations. The industry’s dynamic nature fosters continuous growth, providing a platform for creativity and innovation, especially in roles such as chefs and event planners. The flexibility of work hours further adds to the appeal, making hotel management an enticing choice for those seeking a rewarding and varied career.

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