Everyone can browse jobs on ehoteljob without registering. Registering an account and logging in allows you to:

* Apply to one or more job postings

* Assess your score to understand how you measure up to jobs that look interesting/promising to you as a Job Seeker

* Receive personalized job recommendations based on your Profile

To post jobs manually, log into your account and click the ‘Post a Job’ button on right side. Each job post may utilize either a Management or a Standard credit type. As you complete the form, you will be notified of the necessary credit type for your job. If you do not have the appropriate credit type available to you, you can purchase Package during the job posting process.

All job postings expire after 30 days. You have the option to auto-renew and/or re-post the job after the 30 days.

A Candidate is a person who created a Candidate profile on ehoteljob to start working on their career path and/or search for a new job but has not actively applied to your job posting.

Yes, you can save a job post and continue completing them at your convenience. These jobs are in the ‘My jobs’ tab of the Dashboard.

If a Candidate is recommended using the Recommended Candidate feature and has not applied to the job, the Recruiter will not be able to view the candidate’s resumes. If the Candidate has applied to the job, then Recruiter is able to view Candidate’s profile and the submitted resume.

Only Recruiters of the jobs that you have applied to can view your profile.

To delete your account, go to your dashboard on left Side menu you find delete Profile option in the bottom enter your login Password to confirm. faq

If you want to reset your password, follow the steps given below:

1- After Login to your account go to  URL ” https://ehoteljob.com/change-password/”
3- Enter your desired password and click on “Change Password”.