Sous Chef – Kona Village | Rose Wood

December 12, 2023

Job Description


Responsible for all aspects of managing the kitchen and kitchen personnel, ensuring the quality preparation of all menu items and proper handling/storage of all food items in accordance with standards.  Coordinates the purchase of all food and develops menus, maintaining approved food costs and labor costs.


  • Maintain complete knowledge of and comply with all departmental policies, service procedures and standards.
  • Ensure that standards are maintained at a superior level on a daily basis.
  • Review the daily activities; check the following:
    • House count
    • Forecasted covers for each outlet
    • Catering activity
    • Purchases
    • Meetings
    • Appointments
    • V.I.P.’s/special guests
  • Maintain complete knowledge of and ensure staff’s compliance with all departmental/resort policies and procedures.
  • Establish the day’s priorities and assign production and prep task to staff to execute.
  • Review daily features and offer feedback to Executive Sous Chef and Restaurant Manager.
  • Review restaurant function sheets and make note of any changes; post function sheets for the next 7 days.
  • Meet with Executive Sous Chef to review schedules, assignments, anticipated business levels, changes and other information pertinent to the job performance.
  • Communicate additions or changes to the assignments as they arise throughout the shift.  Identify situations, which compromise the department’s standards and delegate these tasks.
  • Take physical inventory of specified food items for daily inventory.
  • Place the Daily Produces, Meat & Seafood orders.
  • Requisition the day’s supplies and ensure that they are received and stored correctly; communicate needs with Purchasing and Storeroom personnel; ensure quality of products received.
  • Meet with the Chief Steward to review equipment needs, banquet plate up assistance, cleaning schedule/project status, health/safety and sanitation follow up.
  • Ensure that staff report to work as scheduled; document any late or absent employees.
  • Coordinate breaks for staff.
  • Inspect grooming and uniform of staff; rectify any deficiencies.
  • Check and ensure that all opening duties are completed to standard.
  • Ensure that each kitchen work area is stocked with specified tools, supplies and equipment to meet the business demand.
  • Ensure that recipe cards, allergen charts, production schedule, plating guides, photographs are current and posted.
  • Check P.O.S. printers on the line; ensure they are in working order and there is enough paper available for the shift.
  • Ensure that all staff prepares menu items following recipes, yield guides and plating/presentation guides, according to department standards.
  • Monitor performance of staff and ensure all procedures are completed to the department standards; rectify deficiencies with respective personnel.
  • Work on the line or expedite during service and assist wherever needed.
  • Be aware of any shortages and make arrangements before the item runs out.
  • Ensure that F&B Service Staff are informed of 86’d items and amount of available menu specials throughout the meal period.
  • Complete dining room table touches, observe guest reactions and confer with service staff to ensure guest satisfaction.
  • Promote positive guest relations at all times.
  • Be familiar with all resort services/features and local attractions/activities to respond accurately to any guest inquiry.
  • Monitor and handle guest complaints by following the six step procedures and ensuring guest satisfaction.
  • Conduct frequent walk through of each kitchen area and assign respective personnel to correct any deficiencies.
  • Ensure that quality and details are being maintained.
  • Inspect the cleanliness of the line, floor, and all kitchen stations; direct staff to rectify any deficiencies.
  • Ensure that staff maintain and strictly abide by state sanitation/health regulations and resort requirements.
  • Maintain proper storage procedures and hierarchy as specified by Health Department and resort requirements.
  • Instruct staff in the correct usage and care of all machinery in the kitchen operation, stressing safety.
  • Complete work orders for maintenance repairs and submit to Engineering; contact Engineering directly for urgent repairs.
  • Develop new menu items, test and write recipes.
  • Assist Catering department with developing special menus for functions; meet with clients as requested.
  • Supervise and direct the organization and preparation of food for the employee cafeteria.
  • Review sales and food cost daily; resolve any discrepancies with the Controller.
  • Minimize waste and maintain controls to attain forecasted food and labor costs.
  • Ensure that excess items are utilized efficiently.
  • Monitor and ensure that all opening/closing duties are completed to standard before staff sign out.
  • Foster and promote a cooperative working climate, maximizing productivity and employee morale.
  • Oversee and direct training of new hires in specified phases of the kitchen operation; maintain an on-going training program for existing staff.
  • Reevaluate positions in the kitchen and make changes wherever necessary.
  • Provide feedback to staff on their performance; handle disciplinary problems and counsel employees according to resort standards.
  • Conduct scheduled performance appraisals.
  • Document pertinent information in the shift/service log and follow up on items notated during other shifts.
  • Exhibit a friendly, helpful and courteous manner when dealing with guests and fellow employees.
  • Ensure and participate in daily shift/lineup meetings
  • Receive and accept feedback as a “gift”
  • All other duties as required.