Mexican Chef De Partie | Rose Wood

December 12, 2023

Job Description

***South American/Mexican Cuisine specialty preferred***
• The ability to follow proper uniform procedures.
• The ability to demonstrate a good sense of aesthetics, decorating and producing food products within the quality standard guidelines established by the hotel
• The ability to work closely with standard recipes and presentations in order to maintain the established quality level of the kitchen
• The ability to assist in production and maintaining of par stocks of Meat, Vegetables, Dry Store, etc. as determined by the Chef De Cuisine
• The ability to assist in the training of subordinates, particularly to their development and training process.
• The ability to assume the responsibilities of the Sous Chef in his absence.
• The ability to work neatly and clean, keeping work areas and walk-ins in accordance with sanitary standards.
• The ability to maintain a cooperative working relationship with fellow employees.
• The ability to respond properly in any hotel emergency or safety situation.
• The ability to perform other tasks or projects as assigned by hotel management and immediate supervisor
• Prepares and submits food production checklist and inventory reports.