Doorman | Rose Wood

Job Description

We are currently looking for a Doorman to join our Rosewood Munich team. Our Doorman welcomes all guests to the hotel and take their luggage upon arrival.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Being present at the concierge/front desk or in the lobby to assist guests, colleagues and visitors when requested.
  • Ensuring that guests’ luggage and equipment are collected and delivered efficiently and on time.
  • Label the luggage and return the identification slips to the guests.
  • Make sure the guest has confirmed that all baggage has been checked in.
  • Secure storage and collection of guests’ coats and personal belongings.
  • Assisting guests with long-term luggage storage/storage requests.
  • Responding to guest requests and inquiries through a knowledgeable, efficient and helpful information service.
  • Assisting the duty concierge in completing his duties during peak times and during breaks.