DO Purchasing 2 | Rose Wood

February 7, 2024

Job Description

Begin Your Rosewood Journey
We believe that life is made of many journeys: inspiration, wonderment, curiosity, or the simple joy of discovering something new every day. If you share the same sentiment, then this opportunity is for you. Rosewood Amsterdam is currently seeking a motivated and dynamic Director of Purchasing who is a well-rounded and seasoned individual to be part of our award-winning team.
Job Summary
The Director of Purchasing is responsible for organizing and managing the Purchasing Department to the highest professional standards. The Purchasing Department provides the procurement services of the hotel and ancillary departments, including product research and negotiations. Purchasing records are maintained ensuring proper documentation and useful historical data. In the Pre-Opening Phase, the Director of Purchasing will lead the implementation and setup of the procurement and inventory system Birchstreet.
  • The Director of Purchasing is fully responsible for the efficient and cost-effective administration of the Purchasing Department and Storerooms.
  • Makes recommendations and suggestions for improvements and cost savings to the Director Finance and Business Partner and Managing Director.
  • Reviews and negotiates purchase agreements. Researches new sources, recommends changes to product sourcing as applicable.
  • Conducts market survey with F&B Managers and Chefs, completes analysis and comparison.
  • Controls purchasing procedures and ensures timely delivery.
  • Prioritizes the purchasing efforts, reviews agreements, searches for new suppliers, recommends change of products, secures samples of new items, checks background of new suppliers including their performance track record.
  • Establishes consistent product specifications with the operating departments for all locally purchased products and services.
  • Purchase HEOS and furniture, fixtures, and equipment as required for various assigned projects on time and on budget.
  • Reviews and issues purchase orders which are duly approved to suppliers.
  • Assists in controlling and reducing inventories by using proper purchasing procedures.
  • The Director of Purchasing holds supervisory competencies.
  • Able to effectively handle multiple priorities. Must be able to maintain good relationships with all coworkers and vendors. 
  • Must have a high degree of professional integrity, and be able to work safely, effectively, and efficiently.
  • Organizational skills are required to maintain records, inventories, and storerooms. Must be able to lift heavy objects, transporting supplies as needed.  
  • Excellent communication skills in English and Dutch are required.
  • Extensive knowledge of local market and vendors and procurement operations
  • At least 5 years of experience in Hotel/Restaurant operations is required.
  • At least 2 years’ working experience in international class hotel.
About us: Once open, we aim to make our property to be the top destination of choice in the region. The immediate need of this role is to put together the hotel’s leadership team. We aim to create a fast-paced, international team, with a strong sense of collaboration. We believe in teamwork, finding solutions and being yourself at work. Because of this we are looking for someone who fits with our culture and so we’d like to make an offer to someone collaborative and result-oriented with a can-do mindset, and who would enjoy working at Rosewood as much as we do.