Director of Sales & Marketing | Rose Wood

February 2, 2024

Job Description

Overview: Directs the overall Sales and Marketing operations of the Hotel towards the maximizing of revenues through sales, yield distribution, and communication strategies and through the consistent positioning of the Hotel within the guidelines established for the brand, ensuring brand clarity and integrity are maintained at all times.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Actively participates in the Business Plan preparation with emphasis on driving the revenue objectives for the Hotel.
  • Develop an effective marketing plan, with clear objectives and sales goals per each business segment, towards the achievement of budget revenue targets.
  • Ensures all brand standards and values are maintained at all times within the Hotel and that deviations (if any) from the Visual Identity Manual are recorded and agreed upon by the Corporate Office.
  • Recommends and oversees the approved advertising and communications plan for the Hotel.
  • Directs and approves the overall travel plans of the S&M team to maximize coverage and revenue potential for the Hotel.
  • Takes a lead position in the Hotel’s weekly / monthly forecasting meetings, working closely with the revenue management team and devices strategies to achieve goals/targets.
  • Is conversant with revenue management and channel / distribution management, using these tools to effectively support decision making.
  • Establishes and reviews marketing and sales budgets and allocated expenditures to ensure most effective use of funds available to support business objectives.
  • Regularly conducts and reviews the business performance and productivity with the team.
  • Optimizes the opportunities in driving business via all available channels / distribution avenues.
  • Maximises and leverages the support from the Corporate Sales and Marketing team in pursuing business from key segments and manages accounts, including corporate RFPs and prospects for new business.
  • Actively participates in all relevant activities and programs within the New World Group and its subsidiaries such as New World Group and CTF VIP programs.
  • Drives sales and marketing initiatives and activities to optimise synergy amongst sister hotels on cross-selling. Such activities include joint sales calls, co-partnership, trade shows, exhibitions, client events, cluster or group-wide promotions etc.
  • Provides feedback through marketing intelligence, to better guide business decisions, both long and short terms.
  • Works closely with the Information Technology division to ensure system maximization as relates to Sales and Marketing and is aware of new trends in this area.
  • Works closely with Director of Food and Beverage to ensure marketing support to Food and Beverage promotional events and for the co-ordination of advertising needs.
  • Develops and maintains close working relationships with all Division Heads and is an active part of the senior management team.
  • Develops and updates policies and manuals, as related to the Division / Department, for implementation in the field while ensuring compliance with the same for consistency across the group.
  • Actively participates in and leads recruitment and talent development for the Division / Department, to meet both current and future needs.
  • Is a “Brand Ambassador” at all times and ensures brand integrity and clarity are always maintained.
  • Models the Corporate culture, vision, mission and core values at all times.

Required Skills:

  • Well-developed leadership competencies.
  • Strong organizer and planner, able to think long / short term.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Strong negotiation skills.
  • Ability to analyze, interpret, and extract trends from data and strategize outcomes.

Qualifications: Hotel Management Diploma / Degree, or equivalent Bachelor’s degree in the Marketing field, or equivalent work related experience.


  • Over ten years progressive Sales and Marketing work-related experience, preferably in the hotel industry.
  • Over seven years in a management capacity is required, with a minimum of over three years in a Director of Sales position.
  • International or regional experience preferred.
The salary range for this position is $180,000 to $200,000. This is the pay range for this position that the Hotel reasonably expects to pay. This position also may be eligible for bonuses. Decisions regarding individual salaries will be based on a number of factors, such as experience, type of hotel experience, location, and education.