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December 26, 2023

Job Description

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We are looking for Chef de Cuisine (Spanish) – Innside by Melia Bangkok Sukhumvit
Job Mission: 
•    Responsible together with the Executive Chef for the implementation of centralized kitchen procedures, ensuring compliance with company standards, adapting operations to the hotel team, maintaining product and service quality levels and complying with HACCP requirements (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and company sustainability commitments
•    Reports directly to the Executive Chef


What will I have to do? 
1.    Assists in the implementation of the company kitchen strategy, rules and procedures (products, orders, service standards, VIP procedures) in the hotel.
2.    Assists in providing support in the implementation of F&B tools: Operational guides, recipes, production sheets, shopping product listings.
3.    Identifies and proposes improvements to optimize efficiency in hotel kitchens
4.    Ensures consistency and the highest quality in the taste, presentation and appropriate temperature of the food served in all kitchens.     
5.    Assists in the planning of bar and restaurant menus (menu rotation) together with the Executive Chef
6.    Ensures that the team is aware of the F&B technical sheets for the different outlets
7.    Participates in daily briefings to be aware of the hotel situation, in follow-up meetings on service orders to ensure that events occur as planned and in the monthly hotel meetings with updated results for the F&B Department
8.    Responsible for the optimization of staffing levels, ensuring the hotel has an appropriate number of employees based on occupancy and expected covers to be served.
9.    Controls compliance with the work roster, breaks, vacations and staff absences.
10.    Responsible for the training of teams in operational procedures.
11.    Monitors kitchen team members individually (performance evaluation, training, accompaniment).
12.    Monitors development plans together with HR for people with potential.
13.    Assists in the implementation of HACCP regulations (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) and SSWM (Stay Safe with Melia) protocols on a daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly basis
14.    Assists the Executive Chef in starting up the service
15.    Supervises the preparation of orders based on service needs (reservation, service orders) in the hotel.
16.    Supervises the preparation of dishes in the kitchen and coordination with service staff for the service of dishes and start of the service
17.    Participates in team planning, the communication of orders and cold stores and storeroom preparation.

In the Outlets:
18.    Participates in the analysis of the expected services (breakfasts, restaurant dinner covers, room service and events) with the staff in charge of the outlets on a weekly/bi-weekly basis
19.    Ensures orders are made sufficiently in advance.
20.    Assists in planning the staffing levels for the breakfast service (chef ratio)
21.    Supervises the preparation and presentation of the breakfast buffet
22.    At the end of the service, supervises the collection and analysis of waste and cleaning of the spaces.

During events:
23.    Holds regular meetings to review the services for upcoming events with the departments involved (Sales, Kitchen, Reception)
24.    Provides support in coordination with the kitchen and seating areas for the scheduled events
25.    Participates in the analysis of cost/revenue ratios
26.    Provides support in making orders.
27.    Reviews events with the team once they are completed: discrepancies, possible improvements

28.    Responds to complaints and provides support if there are any incidents.
29.    Monitors daily operations (pre- and post-arrival).
30.    Assists in supervising inventory controls (if applicable) and reviews, consumption control, daily goods inventory and new orders according to the standards defined
31.    Assists in the review and monitoring of maintenance activities in kitchen facilities.
32.    Implement sustainable and healthy consumption based on local products and promoting the local cuisine in our destinations
33.    Ensure the reduction of food waste


What are we looking for? 
•    The role’s open for local and expat
•    High level of English (verbal and written) 
•    Previous International hotel brand experience.
•    Guest centric profile, person be able to be front the operations and guest focus.
•    Attention to detail & a passion for excellence.
•    Leadership, analytical, decision-making, and interpersonal capabilities; attention to detail, along with the ability to supervise and work well with a team, are key attributes and competencies sought.
•    Driven by passion and can-do attitude. 


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