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January 18, 2024

Job Description

Procurement Manager provides the procurement services for the hotel and ancillary departments, including product research, negotiations and receiving. The Procurement Manager ensures efficient and effective purchase of all supplies of the hotel at the most competitive prices.
Hierarchical Competencies:
• Reports to the Assistant Director of Finance.
• Collaborates with Department Head’s and Manager’s on improvements and efficient and cost-effective administration of the Purchasing Department and Storerooms.
• Displays good teamwork attitudes towards colleagues.
Minimum Requirements:
1. Working hours: The Purchasing is expected to be on duty during normal accepted working hours and whenever presence is required. An adaptation of working hours may be required to produce the statements or tasks within the prescribed deadlines.
2. Language: The Buyer is required to speak English (with fluency in other languages preferred).
3. Education/Experience: The Purchasing Manager holds supervisory competencies. The minimum education is a High School degree (or equivalency), with Hotel/College training preferred. In lieu of education, at least 5 years of experience in Hotel/Restaurant operations is required.
4. Conduct: Able to effectively handle multiple priorities. Must be able to maintain good relationships with all coworkers and vendors. Must have a high degree of professional integrity, and be able to work safely, effectively, and efficiently.
5. Abilities: Must have skills in database, spreadsheet, or other accounting applications. Organizational skills are required to maintain records, inventories, and storerooms. Must be able to lift heavy objects, transporting supplies as needed.
6. Uniform: Clothing should be standard business attire.
Financial Competencies/Duties:
• Ensures all supplies and goods are sourced and delivered for operations on time.
• Reviews and monitors stock on hand, analysis consumption of high-value and high-volume item.
• Conducts market surveys, makes recommendations on cost savings for all departments.
• Ensures goods and supplies delivered meet standard specs and department requirements.
• Coordinates and liaises with suppliers on product availability, ensures minimum par levels on critical goods are maintained at the property.
• Controls purchasing procedures and ensures timely delivery.
• Responsible for all matters related to the maintenance and communication of delivery schedules.
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Job Description
• Maintains daily receiving report and follows-up on items not delivered.
• Takes inventory of goods and products as assigned and supports the Finance department with month-end activities.
• Keeps all records pertaining to the department properly filed.
• Complies to the company policies
• Works within all pre-set budgetary limits.
• Carries out other duties that may be delegated by the Income Auditor, Asst. Controller, Controller, or Managing Director.