Bellman – Golf Villas – Rosewood Bermuda | Rose Wood

February 3, 2024

Job Description

The Bellman’s duties include but are not limited to the following: 
• Greet and escort arriving owner to their Residence Club Villa.
• Attend to arriving and departing Owners.
• Assist with transporting luggage to Owner villas.
• Organizes and stores luggage for early arrivals and late departures in designated storage area.
• Assist and support with any functions or special events.
• Provide Residence Club and Tucker’s Point Club information regarding any functions or special events.
• Maintain a presence at the Bellstand whenever possible.
• Assist the Owner’s with any special needs and/or requests.
• Ensure proper and expedient resolution of all Owner requests, through individual efforts.
• Provide a brief orientation of the property and the villa for Owner’s and their Guests.
• Handle Owner Bag Storage items and ensure that they are placed appropriately in Owner’s Villa prior to arrival.
• Ensure that any packages and requested daily newspapers are delivered in a timely manner
• Maintain clean appearance of the front lobby area, elevator and Bell Stand, which includes emptying trash receptacles.
• Willing to drive the owners or guests to property destination if needed.
• Ensures that all duties are completed within the necessary time frame and according to established standards.
• Coordinates with the Concierge to ensure that any Owner special needs or requests are communicated and acted upon.
• Communicates with the Housekeeping department and the concierge to ensure a smooth operation.
• Assists with the Housekeeping function when necessary and will at times perform the duties of the Houseman and Pool Attendant.
• Reports and/or prepares maintenance work orders as required and follows up to ensure completion of work orders.
• Works as a member of the Residence Club team to ensure that each associate is respected
• Understands and promotes the roles of the other department within the Residence Club as well as within the entire Tucker’s Point Club organization.
• Coordinates with the colleagues to ensure that any Owner special needs or requests are communicated and acted upon.
• Supports and demonstrates commitment to operational philosophy of Owners and Guests first.
• Understands and exhibits professional telephone skills at all times. Works daily to continually improve all skills.
• Ensures continual efforts to attain and maintain 100% Owner satisfaction.
• Delivering and collecting luggage upon arrival and departure
• Delivery of items to guestrooms
• Assist with management of storing guest luggage
• Provide shuttle service to guests around the resort
• Provide directions and general assistance as required.
• All other duties as assigned or may be subsequently revised into the above description.