Johann Els

events Specialist
June 16, 1966

About Candidate

I have been in this industry for over 20 years and clients I have dealt with Varied from the financial institution to sports to the motor industry like diners for Ferrari, Porsche, and Mercedes. Private clients that live sophisticated lifestyles. Understanding luxury brands and the protocol on hosting events for this specific clientele I have come rather accustomed to it. When I create events, I make sure that it appeals to their lifestyle and taste.

Events whether it is for staff or clients has one thing in common: the return on investment. With events I have been involved in from VIFA world cups to world golf events or product launches the one main thing is that there should always be a golden thread that narrates your event/s

My focus was events for clients in the financial industry, my scope expanded into the beauty industry, sports on international level like rugby and Soccer, state and royal galas which includes high end weddings and gave me the exposure, knowledge, and experience to create and lead events and People.

You might look at my age and think that I am too old for the short list or to be considered, but be assured that with my experience, talent, and knowledge to conceptualize, sell, produce, and manage any event at any size does not come with a college degree. it comes with experience. At the end of the day events are a stage show. There is no room for error, one cannot press the pause button and fix a problem. Managing a tight running order from technical back of house to stage management and catering it needs to run like a well-oiled machine.

There is a book the Outliers we presented as one of our conference themes, the most imported thing I Learned and took from the book and applied is that 10 000 hours concept of doing the same thing whether you an athlete artist or doctor, you gain experience and knowledge and with that one cane maintain calm and stay in control

I always believe that one is only as good as your last event, any person that tells you that their events run without hick ups never run big shows. the art of being experienced in event management is that you need to think on your feet so if a challenge approaches you have the experience and knowledge to rectify it before the client or the guests notice anything

I operate like a puppet masters as I need to make sure that all strings that bring an event in movement are pulled at the right moment, on set up day after health and safety briefing the technical team moves in as structure is the first string then banquet follows with set up of tables then décor   after that the fine tuning of table settings of the banqueting set up crew.



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