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Hailing from India, proudly a confluence of different cultures deeply rooted in the basic understanding of customs and traditions of varied societal backgrounds and values, being a part of the Indian hospitality industry, I bring with me a better understanding of the needs, requirements and necessities of the business.

For all my professional life spanning about 10 years in hospitality I have been part of several multi-disciplinary teams which have been focused and driven to create, provide and evolve actionable solutions. Ever since I have been partaking of the care and care industry, I have been given to understand as I have myself understood that hospitality operations require a certain finesse regarding spontaneity, overall campaign effectiveness, customer analysis and insights amongst a few others while at the same time maintaining a healthy balance. From such experiences I believe that I have been able to understand the concepts as lucidly as possible. I am aware that in this world and perhaps in other times continuous imperfection is perhaps the only constant and in accepting my belief even I have my short-comings of which I know not much of.

I am fiercely competitive and hungry for knowledge. In being so I am able to gauge at problems from angles which might be easily overlooked. Also being a part in the other professions like Events and digital marketing I am able to keep track of the varied trends of the markets. I have faced several complexities and I am glad to have successfully addressed them head-on on strategic and tactical levels. My Indian roots give me an advantage of understanding local patterns and norms which give me an insight into problems and form fresh opinions as to the reasonable solutions.

I was responsible for managing sales projects, implementing cost-saving programs, and forging enduring relationships with local organizations which responsibilities I have been able to address successfully.

Knowing of your reputation, placing the above for your consideration, I would like to be a part of your team and therefore I am applying for the same position with you. I can make the most of the same and learn as much to be of service. As stated earlier, I am competitive and ready to learn, them being my strengths, I can pick up on requirements steadily and quickly. Being a part of the Indian Hospitality Industry I have an understanding of how to identify requirements and conceptualize strategies to meet challenges.

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Anita Singh Saksena

Contact : +918777306004

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