Amit Pandita

Executive Housekeeper

About Candidate

Highly knowledgeable and skillful Executive Housekeeper with over 15 years of experience. can take overall responsibility for managing the housekeeping operations of hotels. To ensure product quality standards are met and that optimum service is provided to guests. In-depth ability to select, train, evaluate, motivate and discipline as needed. Proven ability to operate the department within the budget by appropriately forecasting and scheduling staff members. Demonstrative excellence in executing housekeeping activities in the organization with new initiatives for restructuring cleanliness and health facilities. Strong technical acumen with good leadership qualities & motivation with a drive to deliver results and achieve objectives. Excellent interpersonal, customer service, team building, and problem-solving skills Passion for delivering excellent customer service at every interaction; dedicated to progressing my career within the hospitality industry. Currently seeking Senior Housekeeping role across the globe.